4 Ways You’ll Improve Your Horsemanship by Learning to Dance

two dancersI recently started taking salsa dance lessons. As I was struggling through my second lesson all I could think was, “Oh my gosh, I get how a horse feels now!” Since I’m a woman, I’m the follow, so I’m supposed FEEL what my lead wants me to do without any verbal help and then do that with gusto and precision. Exactly what we expect our horses to do. So what have I learned by exchanging my boots for dance shoes once a week? Read more…

NRCHA Update from the Executive Director Jay Winborn

I sat down with Jay Winborn, the new Executive Director for the NRCHA, at the NRCHA Stakes in Vegas last month to talk about all the changes that are in the works.

Video Transcript

My name is Jay Winborn, and I’m the Executive Director of the NRCHA. Read more…

Cow horse trainer spinning a horse

NRCHA Stakes 2013

It’s been a week since I got back from the NRCHA Stakes in Las Vegas. Finally, I’m rested up and rehydrated enough to write about it. WOW! Was that a great horse show!!!

Aside from the simple fact that it was a bad-to-the-bone cow horse show, a few reasons why it was great: Read more…

Horse Trainer Superstitions

When I read the article, “The Rundown: Lessons Learned,” by Tara Christensen the other day Read more…

CowHorse TV in Finals for 2013 Equestrian Social Media Awards

Wow! CowHorse TV is in the final 10 for the Best YouTube Channel category! How exciting! I checked out the competition and they’re all great YouTube channels. I’m very proud to be in the bunch! I’m very VERY proud to be the only channel in the bunch focused on western riding, and reined cow horse at that! WOW!!! TOP TEN!!!

There are a lot of other categories. You can vote for CowHorse TV and all of your favorites here. Go vote! http://www.equestriansocialmediaawards.com/finalists



What’s a Derby? What’s a Stakes? NRCHA Shows Explained

The 2013 NRCHA Celebration of Champions includes the NRCHA World show, the World’s Greatest Horseman and the Celebration of Champions Derby.

Lots of titles all packed into one event.

It got me thinking—I’ve never really looked up what the all of the different NRCHA event titles mean. So I looked them up and here’s the basic definition of each event: Read more…

2012 and a Major Milestone for CowHorse TV

Image of horse, thank you for your support

CowHorse TV reached the 10,000 likes mark on Facebook early this morning. Wow! Read more…

A man on a horse is spiritually as well as physically bigger than a man on foot.

~John Steinbeck

Todd Crawford on Who and What Changed Cow Horse and Reining

My name is Todd Crawford. When I was growing up, they had magazines that showed the reining horses and the stock horses from out here on the west coast. Read more…

Sophia’s Cow Horse Calls: The Margarita Holler

New to reined cow horse shows? Need to learn how to spectate properly? Or maybe you just want to stay up on the latest trends? Learn from the pro, Sophia Buttars. Read more…

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